This screw can be widely used on all kinds of building materials that need to be installed with a flat surface, or to attach steel panels to steel framing or sandwich panels to purlins. The size of drill tail ranges from No.1 to No.3, and it can tap through an iron plate up to 1.5+1.5mm in thickness. The data and hand-operation sensation meet high standards regardless of being used in a tapping speed tester or in the manual mode.

All kinds of plating and coating are provided for customization according to clients’ requirements in order to meet the required weatherproof or waterproof test standards

Key Features:
* The drill tail can be well positioned on the steel plate when tapping and is not easy to slip.
* The high-speed cutting drill tail can save time.
* Recess with an appropriate depth provides a stable driving-in process.
* The super flat head can smoothly level with the surface of work pieces, which provides convenience for the later decoration project.

Model No. Material Head Type Shank Diamter Length Drive Type
Special Flat Head  (18 spline under) BK3 1022 SPT 4.8/5.5 19 Phillips